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IM-#34; 6/15/16

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On Demand Interview
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The On Demand Interview waiver will be implemented on June 20, 2016 for the Food Stamp Program.  Consequently, Food Stamp interviews will no longer be scheduled for customers. Instead, customers will be given the responsibility to contact the FSD Info Call Center (855-373-4636) to complete their interview by phone.  Customers must still be given the option to complete their interview face-to-face. 

When interviews are due

Initial applicants will continue to receive interview letters (FA-334), and missed interview letters (FA-335).   Applicants are being instructed to call FSD Info Center within 5 calendar days of applying or upon receipt of the FA-334.  The FA-335 will automatically generate if the interview is not completed by the deadline established by the FA-334.   Interviews can be completed at any time, but completing an interview within 10 days of an initial application will give both the customer and FSD more time to obtain verification necessary to timely deliver any benefits for which the customer is eligible. 

Recertification applicants will continue to receive the Notice of Expiration Letter (FA-520).  These customers are being given the 5th day of the last month of the certification period as the deadline to reapply for benefits; however, the updated FA-520 notes that applications received after the 15th day of that month may result in benefits being delayed or denied.  Moreover, customers are notified in the FA-520 that benefits will end if customers do not reapply by the last working day of the month.  Recertification interviews can be completed at any time but completing recertification interviews before the 15th day of the last month will give both the customer and FSD more time to get verification necessary to ensure that there are no disruptions to any benefits for which the customer is eligible. 

FSD will continue to "cold call" all applicants.  Successful cold calls result in less risk for untimely processing.

NOTE: A cold call is when FSD calls an applicant to attempt an unscheduled interview by phone.

Registering late applications

Unregistered applications (older than 20 days) must be elevated to the Program Administration prior to taking any action.

How this will impact applications received by FSD

All applications received by FSD will continue to have the following steps completed the same day that the application is received:

See FAMIS User Guide for additional instructions.

How to use the Food Stamp Interview Screen (FM1B)

Register all Food Stamps applications when received, even if a cold call attempt is not being made:

The FA-334 is generated from FM1B. 

Processing Changes - Call Center Staff

Call Center staff are already completing Food Stamp interviews upon request; however, this will occur more commonly upon the implementation of this waiver. 
Customers will be transferred directly to the interview queue if calling from a FSD Resource Center.  Call Center staff will not be cold calling customers to complete their interview.

Processing Changes - Resource Center Staff

Customers will be transferred directly to the interview queue if calling from a FSD Resource Center.  These customers will use the OND code for type of interview.

If the interview will be completed face-to-face or by phone:

Processing Changes - Processing Center Staff and Supporting Offices

Some of the applications may have cold calls attempted before assignment to staff for processing.  Upon receipt of assignment, staff shall:

Prior to Implementation of the On Demand Interview

Interviews that have already been scheduled will need to be converted to the new, On Demand code (OND) prior to the implementation of this waiver.  Therefore, FAMIS will be updated to reflect the new procedure on June 19, 2016.

Codes CCW (client to call worker) and WCC (worker to call client) will no longer be valid as of June 20, 2016.  Interviews that were scheduled with CCW or WCC will be changed to OND on June 19, 2016.  The specific date and time will no longer display on the screen.  The date that was previously used to schedule the interview will now be in the "No Later than" field.

EXAMPLE:  An interview is scheduled for June 21, 2016 at 8:30am with a WCC code.  After implementation of the On Demand waiver the Food Stamp Interview screen will show "Type of interview", as OND, and the "No Later than" field will have the original date of scheduled interview of 06-21-2016.  The scheduled time will no longer be displayed as of June 20, 2016.

FA-334s that have already been sent with a specific date and time should be completed if the customer calls for their interview.  If the FA-334 was scheduled for the worker to call the client, complete the interview as scheduled.  If the customer does not complete the interview at the scheduled time the FA-335 will generate with the due date of the 30th day instructing them to call the FSD Info Center.



2016 Memorandums