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FSD Online Application - Missouri Web Application (MO Web APP)
Food Stamp Manual – 1120.011.00 Online Applications
IM Manual – 0105.000.00 Application Processing and
0105.010.00 Signing the Application to
0105.015.00 Dating the Application


The Missouri Web Application (MO Web APP) will go live on June 20, 2016.  Even though Missourians will be able to apply for Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance Program, MO HealthNet (for adults) and Child Care assistance, only applicants residing in Cole County will be able to apply via the MO Web APP on or after June 20, 2016.   Residents from additional counties will be added during the phased roll out of the MO Web APP pilot project.  Updates to this pilot and processing guidelines will continue as the pilot expands.

How applicants access the MO Web APP

Any Missourians may interact with FSD online through  Applicants are directed to the MO Web APP after completing Missouri's Pre-Eligibility Screening Tool (MOPET); however, applicants may choose to apply directly without completing the MOPET.

In addition to current means of application, the MO Web APP enables applicants residing in the pilot areas to apply:  

Applicants setup an online user account at in order to begin their online application.  This account enables an applicant to save and continue their application at any time as well as upload documents at or after their application is submitted.  Applicants that reside outside the pilot area(s) that attempt to apply via the MO Web APP before available during the phased roll out will get an error message and not be able to apply via the MO Web APP until their residential county is included in the pilot. 

NOTE: In order to discourage multiple applications submitted in a short time period, a pop up box will appear for applicants notifying them that they have already applied for an FSD program before resubmitting an application. 

Applicants are sent a MO Web APP application number upon submission via text and/or email confirmation to notifying them that their application was received by FSD.

NOTE: An application was submitted if the applicant received a MO Web APP application number.

How FSD will process the MO Web APP Statewide

All applications, submitted electronically or otherwise, must adhere to the established processing timeframes and policies for each FSD program.  At this time, the MO Web APP will be treated as a paper application and available to FSD staff as a PDF document. No information or verification will be auto-populated from the MO Web APP to FAMIS. 

A specialized FSD Office will be assigned to complete the following steps for all MO Web APPs received by FSD:

If staff outside of the specialized FSD Office encounters a MO Web APP that was not processed per the above, take immediate action to complete the above steps as appropriate (see MO Web APP Procedure Guide for step-by-step instructions by program and role). 

Business will continue as usual during this phased rollout.  Special circumstances will be flagged within the current workflows for processing since tasks are automatically generated upon an application being indexed and registered.  Food Stamp expedited applications will continue to generate email notifications to the expedited processing office. 

NOTE: It is imperative to continually enter comments in FAMIS when information differs between the interactive interview and information submitted in the application.   

Applications that cannot be registered

A request for information will be generated by the specialized FSD Office for applications that cannot be registered.  The specialized FSD Office will track and manage the follow up tasks created by applications that cannot be registered.  See MO Web APP Procedure Guide for instructions regarding MO Web APPs that are found by staff outside of the specialized FSD Office unregistered.

Locating a MO Web APP PDF and/or accompanying documentation

The electronic application and/or accompanying documentation can be searched for via the FSD Worksite under the MO Web APP Document Search Tab. Staff can search electronically by DCN (after scanned and indexed) or MO Web APP application number (in Web Search).

NOTE: Staff should continue to search the Virtual File Room (VFR) and ITrackRS in addition to the Worksite to ensure all documentation is located.

All indexed documents received via the MO Web APP will be migrated during nightly process to be available in the VFR.

Impact on MAGI

MAGI applicants and operations will not be impacted by the MO Web APP; however, a MAGI task will be created automatically once indexed for MAGI staff to process via business as usual.   

Technical Support

Most technical assistance can be completed by the applicant by returning to FSD's website for self-guided assistance.  If needed, applicants experiencing technical difficulties may contact the FSD Info Center (855-373-4636) for additional support. Common technical support concerns may include:

Information about frequently asked questions with using the MO Web APP is available 24/7 within the MO Web APP.  


Training has been developed for Resource Center staff and any others who might assist applicants completing the MO Web App. It demonstrates the entire web application process in a series of short sections. The course is available in the ELC: (FS000299 FSD Web Application).



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