SECTION 1105.015.00
The weekend of September 25, 1999, we will complete the mass adjustment to update the October 1999 regular payroll.  This adjustment implements the net and gross income increases made in the Food Stamp program effective October 1, 1999.

Revised Issuance Tables for each household size are being sent with a separate memorandum.

Income/Budgeting Changes:

The income deductions remain at their current levels.  The deductions are:

  • $134 standard deduction;

  • $275 excess shelter deduction for non-elderly/disabled households; households with an elderly or disabled member continue to have no limit on their excess shelter deduction;

  • $195 standard utility allowance;

  • $80 non-heating and cooling standard; and

  • $26 telephone standard.

The maximum gross income limits for households with an elderly or separate household status have increased.  Below is the new gross limit chart.  The IMNL is updated with the new chart.

    165% of Poverty Level

     Household Size    Maximum Gross Income Level
       1     $1133
       2     $1521
       3     $1909
       4     $2297
       5     $2684
       6     $3072
       7     $3460
       8     $3848
    Each Additional +$388

The Update Process:

State Office automatically adjusts the allotments for all households certified on or prior to September 24, 1999.  This includes the case action 12s.  FCAS/FPAR are updated with code 7 in Field 6, code 66 in Field 9 and the new adjustment figures.  A computer listing is generated for each caseload indicating the cases that have been adjusted and the allotment amounts.  No turnaround IM-105s are sent.


FBCA will be updated with the new allotment figures effective September 27, 1999.  Any budgets completed during the time the system is unavailable will need to be computed manually.  Workers should ensure that they use the appropriate tables when determining the coupon allotment for the household.  Any budgets completed through FBCA after September 24, and prior to September 27, should be checked to ensure that the coupon allotment shown is the correct allotment for the month of issuance.

October Expedited Issuances:

October expedited issuances pending in the system on September 24 for mailing October 1, 1999 will be adjusted before mailing.


For any case approved/adjusted after September 24, 1999 for October payroll or later, use the new issuance tables.

Mass Notification:

A notice is being sent to notify households of a possible increase in benefits.  See example.


Your food stamp benefits may have changed this month.  The food stamp issuance amounts have increased.  Your food stamp budget was adjusted due to these changes.  If your issuance was affected, you will receive an increase in your food stamp benefits.

The change is effective for October 1999.  If you feel the new allotment is incorrect or the Division of Family Services has misapplied federal laws or regulations regarding this adjustment, you have the right to a fair hearing.  If you wish to request a hearing, please contact your local Family Services Office within 10 days of receipt of this notice.

If you have any questions, please contact you local Family Services Office.

  • Review this memorandum with staff.
  • File the revised manual page in the hard copy of the Food Stamp manual.
  • Use the new issuance tables to determine any Food Stamp allotments for October 1999 or later.
Distribution #3

[ 1999 Memorandums ]

IM-145A Instructions, Page 1


PURPOSE:  To provide a method for recording changes reported by a participant or on behalf of a participant and tracking the action taken on the reported change.  Space is provided on the form to record information about the action taken on the reported change and to record changes in the food stamp allotment.

NUMBER OF COPIES AND DISPOSITION:  This form is printed on three part NCR paper.  Give the original to the caseworker managing the caseload that includes the participant.  File the original in the case record.  Give one carbon to the IM supervisor.  Use of the third carbon is optional by clerical to track the action taken on the reported change.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION:  This form may be completed in ink or typed.

Case Name:  Enter the participant's name as it appears in the FSU5/IMU5 system.

DCN:  Enter the participant's DCN.

To:  Enter the name of the caseworker for whom the reported change is intended.

From:  Enter the name of the individual taking the information on the reported change.

Date of Contact:  Enter the date the information was reported.

Time:  Enter the time the information was reported.

Participant's Phone Number:  Enter the participant's phone number or message number.

SSN:  Enter the participant's Social Security Number (SSN).

Birthdate:  Enter the participant's birthdate.

Information Reported:  Record the information reported.

Rent amount:  If the reported change is due to a move, record the amount of rent for the new residence.

          August 1999

IM 145A Instructions, Page 2

Primary heating/cooling expense:  If the reported change is due to a move, indicate with Y or N if the household is responsible for a primary heating/cooling expense.

Telephone:  If the reported change is due to a move, indicate with Y or N if the household is responsible for a telephone expense.

Utility expenses other than primary heating/cooling:  If the reported change is due to a move and the household is not responsible for a primary heating/cooling expense, indicate with Y or N if the household is responsible for utility expenses other than primary heating/cooling.  This would include gas or electricity (used for cooking, heating water, etc.), water, sewer, trash, etc.  Do not include cable television charges.

Reported By:  Enter the name of the person reporting the information (if reported by someone other than the participant).

Phone Number:  Enter the phone number of the person reporting the information (if reported by someone other than the participant).

Date IM-31A Sent:  Enter the date the IM-31A requesting information was sent to the participant.

Date IM 12A Sent to the Household:  Enter the date the IM-12A was sent to the household for the employed individual's signature.

Date IM-12A Sent to Employer:  Enter the date the signed IM-12A was sent to the employer.

Additional Recording for Adjustment:  Record the action taken on the reported change and information regarding the adjustment in the food stamp allotment.  If no adjustment was necessary, record the reason.

Supplemental Benefit Amount & Months:  Record supplemental, adjusted, or restored benefits and the month(s) for which the benefits were issued.
          August 1999