Attached is a report entitled "Out-of-State Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance EBT Activity Report".  This report is sorted by county and load number.  The report shows food stamp/cash electronic benefit transfer (EBT) activity that occurred outside Missouri.  The report includes the DCN and head of household, the state in which the transaction occurred, the type, date and amount of the transaction, and the retailer terminal ID number.  The criteria for a transaction to appear on this report is:
  • food stamps:  more than three transactions in a month OR one transaction in at least two consecutive months;

  • cash:  more than one transaction in a month OR one transaction in at least two consecutive months.
For a period of time, staff will contact participants to determine their reason for using food stamp/cash benefits in another state.  The information gathered will assist Program and Policy in developing EBT policy for the Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance Programs.

Upon receipt of this memorandum and report, take the following action:

  • Review the information for each DCN provided on the report.

  • Review the case record to determine if the participant reported a move or a temporary absence from the state.

  • Complete a PADX inquiry for participants conducting EBT transactions in states that are included in the PADX system.  These states are Iowa, Kansas and Illinois.

  • Contact the participant to verify the reason the EBT card was used out of state.

  • If unable to contact the participant, contact the state in which the EBT activity occurred to verify if the participant moved to that state and applied for benefits.
NOTE:  Additional information about the transaction can be obtained through the Transaction History, Transaction Summary, and History Detail screens in MOP.
  • Using the codes listed below, record on the "Out-of-State Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance EBT Activity Report" why the EBT card was used outside the state of Missouri.  These codes are also listed at the bottom of each page of the report.  A reason column is provided on the report for recording this code information.
1 - Moved out of state
2 - Traveling out of state
3 - Work in another state, buy there
4 - More convenient to shop at out of state store
5 - Duplicate participation - household participating in another state and in Missouri
9 - Other, specify
For "Other", specify on the report the reason for the out-of-state activity.
  • Return the entire county report to the Food Assistance Program Unit in Central Office, ATTN:  Paul Spicer, P.O. Box 310, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0310.  The Food Assistance Program Unit will be monitoring this report.  Correspondence from this unit should receive a prompt reply from county staff.

  • Please do not send separate pages of the report one at a time.  Metro areas may return the reports by units/offices (for example - Jackson:  KCOB, East, South).

  • Subsequent reports are due on the 15th day of the month following the report run date (for example:  report run date is 5/10/99, the due date is 6/15/99).  The first report is due 04/15/99.

  • For participants who have moved out of the state of Missouri, take appropriate action to close the case.  Complete a claim if necessary.
If you suspect the participant knowingly received benefits from both states, make a referral to the Welfare Investigation Unit (WIU).  Use the DOI-1 to refer the case to WIU for investigation.  Send any information or documentation obtained with the DOI-1 when fraud is suspected as the reason for the out-of-state activity.

These referrals will be a priority for WIU.  WIU will contact county staff if they need assistance with the investigation.  WIU will investigate the suspected duplicate participation.  If WIU determines the household did intentionally receive food stamp or cash benefits from both states, they will obtain a waiver of administrative disqualification hearing or return it to county staff for an administrative disqualification hearing.

  • Record on the report the names and DCNs of those cases that are closed as a result of this report and follow-up investigation.  Also list the names and DCNs of cases for which claims are filed.  This information can be shown on the report or on a separate piece of paper.
The out-of-state report will be sent to county offices every other month for an indefinite period of time.  Retain this memorandum as a reference for working these reports.  Area office staff must ensure county office staff are making contact with participants shown on the report and that the reports are returned by the deadline.

Future reports will not contain cases previously coded with a reason code 1, 3, or 4.  Cases coded 2, 5, and 9 will continue to be shown on future reports if out-of-state EBT transactions continue.

WIU will also be reviewing the out-of-state activity report for fraudulent activity.  Staff may be contacted by WIU and must cooperate by providing any information WIU requests.

Go through your normal supervisory channels for any questions you might have.

If no report is attached with your copy of this memo, retain and refer to this memorandum when future reports are received in your county.  A bi-monthly listing of counties that receive a report will be sent to area offices for follow-up.

  • Discuss this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Contact participants shown on the "Out-of-State Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance EBT Activity Report" following the instructions provided.

  • Record the reasons for food stamp/cash EBT activity outside the state of Missouri in the reason column on the report.  Return the completed report to the Food Assistance Program Unit, ATTN:  Paul Spicer, by 04/15/99.

  • Provide lists of cases closed and claims filed due to this report.

  • Return subsequent reports by the 15th calendar day of the month following the report run date.

  • Complete claims when necessary.

  • Refer participants who are suspected of knowingly receiving benefits from both states to WIU.

  • Retain and refer to this memorandum when future reports are received.
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