2004 Memorandums
OEC04-03      03/09/04
The purpose of this memorandum is to introduce a new report, titled “FOL Providers With 10 or More Child Authorizations”.  Effective immediately, this monthly report will be generated to county offices who have registered FOL (Four Or Less) child care providers whose child authorizations total ten or more.  The intent of the report is to alert counties of providers who are potentially in non-compliance with child care licensing exemption rules.

NOTE:  Providers in the “Four or Less” (FOL) category may keep any number of children who are related to them, up to and including the third degree of relationship (grandchildren, nieces/nephews).  Any child in the provider’s care who is not related within the third degree, or not related at all must be counted in the provider’s total number of children.

Attached to this memorandum is a sample of the notice pdf file that will be received by county offices affected by this report.  Please note that the list includes only child authorizations from the FAMIS system.  Children authorized through the Children’s Division, CSIPS system are required, by policy, to be enrolled in licensed child care facilities.  Therefore, those children are not included in this list.


The “FOL Providers With 10 or More Child Authorizations” report is listed by county number, provider DVN, provider name, and provider address.  There are two columns on the report that indicate the total number of children who are authorized to the provider (Number of Total Authorizations) and how many of the children authorized to the provider are related (Number of Related Authorizations).  The two columns are taken from the FAMIS child authorization screen (FM30) for each child that is authorized to a particular provider and then compiled to arrive at a total number of authorizations.

When a county office receives this report, they must take immediate action to determine if the listed provider/s meet license exemption requirements.

  • Check the FAMIS system’s View Authorizations screen (FM52/View Auth) to get a list of all current authorizations;
  • From FM52, select each child listed by putting an “s” in the “sel” field and hit F6/ccauth;
  • This screen will have a code entered in the “Rel Child” field.
  • If the code is “NRP” (Non Related Person), contact the provider to verify the child’s authorization and whether the provider claims a relationship to the child;
  • If the provider is claiming that some child authorizations are related care, give the provider 10 business days to submit verification of relationship.  Child care licensing statute RSMO 210.211 defines related care to include “children who are related by blood, marriage or adoption to such person within the third degree” (grandchildren, nieces, nephews).  Follow the verification procedure outlined in OEC Memorandum 04-04 dated 03-09-04 to verify relationship.  NOTE-the provider’s statement or statement from the eligible parent is not acceptable verification of relationship.
  • If the provider is in non-compliance of FOL license exemption, county office staff must inform the provider that their registration will be closed by sending them an IM-80 and giving the provider ten days notice before closing.  The legal reference for the IM 80 is RSMO 210.211.  The provider is not eligible for hearing rights, so the IM-80 must have any language pertaining to requesting a hearing struck out before mailing the notice to the provider.
  • Staff must also notify the parents of the affected children in care via an IM-33.  The notice must inform the parents of the pending closure and offer services to the parents through the local Child Care Resource and Referral agency.
  • Refer the provider to the Department of Health and Senior Services/Bureau of Child  Care.  The Bureau of Child Care may work with the provider toward licensure and can refer the provider to other local resources.
Once the appropriate action is taken to verify the provider is either in compliance with FOL license exemption or their registration is closed, the county office is instructed to notify the Office of Early Childhood by mailing or faxing the information to the attention of:
Becky Houf, Early Childhood Program Coordinator
Office of Early Childhood
P.O. Box 1527
Jefferson City, MO  65102-1527
Fax:  573/751-9586
Notification is due within 30 days of the date the county office receives their “FOL Providers With 10 or More Child Authorizations” report.  Staff may submit responses using the format of the listing that is sent to their county office.  The last column of the report titled “Co. Disposition” may be completed with a decision and decision date.  There must be decisions on each provider listed on the county’s report for the month.

  • Review this memorandum with all FSD/CD staff;
  • Upon receipt of the “FOL Providers Whose Child Authorizations Exceed 10” report, begin instituting the steps outlined in this policy memorandum;
  • Refer providers to DHSS/Bureau of Child Care for child care licensing information.

Attachment pdf file