2009 Office of Early Childhood Memorandums
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OEC-018  11/30/09 pdf logo
The Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network (MOCCRRN)
OEC-017  11/30/09 pdf logo
Increase in Child Care Income Eligibility Guidelines
OEC-016  09/17/09 pdf logo
Child Care Policy Clarification of Citizenship and Social Security Number Requirements
OEC-015  09/10/09 pdf logo
Central Office Child Care Provider Relations Unit Assumes Child Care Contract Responsibilities
OEC-014  08/27/09 pdf logo
FAMIS Changes to CCNEED (FMAC) Screen
OEC-013  08/25/09 pdf logo
Child Care Provider Relations Unit Absorption of Christian, Greene, Jasper and Newton Counties
OEC-012  08/06/09 pdf logo
Early Head Start Referral Report
OEC-011  06/29/09 pdf logo
Child Care Authorizations Ending 06/30/2009
OEC-010  04/22/09 pdf logo
Child Care Practice Points Or Alerts
OEC-009  04/15/09 pdf logo
Child Care Start Up and Expansion Grant Request for Application (RFA)
OEC-008  03/30/09 pdf logo
Fiscal Year 2010 Child Care Contracts to be Used for Liscensed Providers
OEC-007  02/24/09 pdf logo
Updated Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Registration and Renewal Forms
OEC-006  02/23/09 pdf logo
FAMIS and CSIPS Child Care Authorizations for School Age Children
OEC-005  02/23/09 pdf logo
Contract Batch in FAMIS
OEC-004  02/11/09 pdf logo
New Legacy Vendor System Direct Deposit Form for Children's Division Vendors
OEC-003  02/06/09 pdf logo
Legacy Common Vendor Area Screen Changes For Departmental Vendor Number Assignment
OEC-002  01/14/09 pdf logo
Transitional Child Care System Enhancements
OEC-001  01/07/09 pdf logo
IRS 1099-MISC Forms to Child Care Providers