2010 Office of Early Childhood Memorandums
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OEC-023  12/14/10 pdf logo
FAMIS and FAMIS/FACES Child Care Interface Security for Children's Division Staff
OEC-022  10/18/10 pdf logo
The Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network (MOCCRRN) Regional Reorganization and Operational Name Change
OEC-021  08/04/10 pdf logo
Vendor System Conversion to FACES - Impact on Child Care Providers
OEC-020  08/03/10 pdf logo
Protective Services Child Care Policy and Procedures
OEC-019  07/13/10 pdf logo
FAMIS/FACES Interface Child Care Transition
OEC-018  06/30/10 pdf logo
Frequently Asked Questions Available on the Internet
OEC-017  06/17/10 pdf logo
FAMIS/FACES Child Care Interface System
OEC-016  06/04/10 pdf logo
Child Care Summer Authorizations
OEC-015  05/05/10 pdf logo
Revision to Child Care Brochures
OEC-014  04/28/10 pdf logo
Non-Temporary Assistance Job Search
OEC-013  04/28/10 pdf logo
$30 Plus 1/3 Disregard for Child Care Assistance
OEC-012  04/19/10 pdf logo
Fiscal Year 2011 Child Care Contracts to be Used for Licensed Providers
OEC-011  04/09/10 pdf logo
National Healthy Mothers & Healthy Babies Coalition, US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families – Text4Baby
OEC-010  04/08/10 pdf logo
Revised and New Child Care Subsidy Forms
OEC-009  04/08/10 pdf logo
Child Care Provider Relations Unit Absorption of Franklin, Jefferson, Johnson, and Lafayette Counties
OEC-008  04/08/10 pdf logo
2010 Census
OEC-007  03/24/10 pdf logo
Increase of FCSR Registration Fee
OEC-006  01/29/10 pdf logo
Additional Changes to DDEP Screen
OEC-005  01/29/10 pdf logo
IRS 1099-Misc Forms to Child Care Providers
OEC-004  01/09/10 pdf logo
Child Care Provider Administrative Hearing Process
OEC-003  01/09/10 pdf logo
Clarification of Family Unit Members and Ineligible Child Care Providers
OEC-002  01/07/10 pdf logo
Missouri Child Care Provider Reference Guide
OEC-001  01/07/10 pdf logo
Child Care Historical Income Guidelines on the Intranet