10.2.1 Attachment A: Diligent Search Activities

10.2.1 Attachment A: Diligent Search Activities

10.2.1 Attachment A: Diligent Search Activities


Family Resource Center referral

Locate your Regional Family Resource Center on the map to find available parent and relative search assistance such as 30 days to Family and Extreme Family Finding.


Call/Case prior history search to locate prior phone numbers and addresses or any associated relatives on prior reports (using DCN, SSN, all variations of the name and address if known)

Through the DSS Search function from the call/case prior history screen FAMIS and MACSS case information can be accessed.


You may sign up to receive the training and access to the site. The site automatically identifies connections through thousands of online search tools to develop a genogram. This will help build a list of potential relatives and provides all known public contact information for each connection found.

MO HealthNet (MXIX, MCII)

Food Stamp Assistance (FAMIS, FAPC)

PROD/Green Screens: IMES, IBTH, IDTH, IPAR, IMES, etc.

Child’s birth certificate to identify a named father

Putative Father Registry

Determine if the child has any emergency contacts listed on school or medical records.

Google or other free online name/address search sites, some sites list known relatives or associations to the individual such as fastpeoplesearch.com and www.familytreenow.com.

Search for any legal activity. An address may be provided on the legal record.



Family Watchdog (National Sexual Offender Registry)

MO DOC Offender Search

MO HP Sexual Offender Registry

Missouri State Highway Patrol Arrest Reports

Other State’s Case.net Equivalent

TLO Search – Each circuit has an assigned individual with TLO access.

The search may result in identification of current or prior contact information.

Department of Revenue/Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Designated CD staff in each Region have authorization to complete a diligent search using DMV screens. Workers should complete the Request for Location Services form, CD-88, and submit it to their designated staff. Designated staff should complete their search within 7-10 business days and return the updated form to the Children’s Service Worker. The list of designated staff per region can be accessed here:

Diligent Search Designees (DMV Screens)

Social Media (Facebook, etc.) searches can be completed according to local protocols.

This site provides information regarding assigned Probation and Parole officers https://web.mo.gov/doc/offSearchWeb/

Friends, employers, neighbors, Juvenile Officer, other service agencies, any known associations.

Bureau of Vital Records information is for inquiry only and should not be printed, faxed or copied. Certified copies of Missouri records of birth, death and fetal death reports can be obtained by submitting a written request to:


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Bureau of Vital Records
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102


More information regarding accessing Missouri birth and death records can be found here.

Request a Vital Record from the Department of Health