Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0200.000.00 Overview of the Temporary Assistance Program

0203.000.00 Temporary Assistance Application Processing

0204.000.00 Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

0205.000.00 Eligibility Requirements

0210.000.00 Need

0215.000.00 Alternative Care IV-E Program

0220.000.00 Disposition of Initial Investigation

0225.000.00 Interim Contacts

0226.000.00 Cases With a Guardian or Conservator

0230.000.00 Wage Supplementation

0235.000.00 Families Together

0240.000.00 Temporary Assistance Drug Test Requirements

0242.000.00 Temporary Assistance Diversion Requirements

0245.000.00 Transitional Employment Benefit

0246.000.00 Suspension of Temporary Assistance When EBT Card is Used Out of State

0250.000.00 Missouri Work Assistance (MWA)

0255.000.00 Temporary Assistance Work Requirement

0260.000.00 Missouri Work Assistance Policy for Service Providers

0262.000.00 Special Circumstances

0265.000.00 Individual Employment Plan (IEP)

0270.000.00 Hours of Participation in a Work Activity

0275.000.00 Work Activities

0280.000.00 Supportive Services

0285.000.00 Conciliation

0290.000.00 Sanction

0293.000.00 Hearing Requests

0295.000.00 Rights and Responsibilities

0305.000.00 Temporary Assistance Claims Determination

0310.000.00 Discovery Tracking System

0315.000.00 Claims Accounting and Restitution System (CARS)

0320.000.00 Terminating Claims

0325.000.00 Decrease the Amount of Claim

0330.000.00 Over Collection of Claims


Appendix B – Consolidated Standard – Percentage of Need

Appendix H – Hours of Participation Chart

Appendix I – Wage Supplementation Employer Diversion Amounts

Appendix J (obsolete per IM-29 February 19, 2003)

Appendix K – TA Work Requirement Code Sheet

Appendix L – Temporary Assistance Sanction Amounts

Appendix M – Grandparents as Foster Parents Proration Table

Appendix N – Referral Process to MWA Program

Appendix O – List of MWA Regions

Appendix P – Glossary Acronyms

Appendix Q – Definitions

Appendix R – Minutes to Decimals Conversion

Appendix Y – Work Activities Chart

MWA Calendar Appendix