Blind Pension Manual

0505.070.00 Social Security Number

IM-13 February 2, 2022

13 CSR 40-13.015 Eligibility for Blind Pension states that a Social Security Number (SSN) must be provided for the individual applying for Blind Pension.

This requirement does not apply to:

  • the applicant/participant’s spouse, unless assistance has been requested for the spouse
  • aliens seeking MO HealthNet for the treatment of an emergency medical condition

Obtain a SSN for all individuals requesting benefits at the time of the initial application whenever possible. Accept self-attestation for verification of SSN unless questionable.

If an individual has a SSN but does not know it, provide a Request for Information (IM-31A) and allow ten days to provide the SSN.

If the applicant is required to provide an SSN and does not already have one, he/she must apply for a number as a condition for program eligibility. FSD will assist the individual in making an application for SSN. Ensure the participant understands:

  • FSD is limited to using the participant’s SSN to verify income from other federal sources, and to verify other eligibility data from required sources; and
  • FSD is obligated to request the SSN under the authority of Section 1902 (a) of the Social Security Act:
    • Provide the applicant with the Social Security Administration Application for a Social Security Card. You will find that card at The form can be completed online and printed or printed and completed by hand.

FSD should assist in completing the SS-5 and mailing it to the SSA Office whenever necessary. The applying individual MUST sign the SS-5 prior to being submitted to the SSA Office.

  • Whenever the completed SS-5 form is mailed to the SSA Office by FSD on behalf of the individual applying for an SSN, provide the individual with a copy of the completed SS-5 prior to mailing it to the SSA Office.
  • Inform the individual the SSA Office requires, and may request from them, original documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) when making application for a SSN.
  • The completed and signed form must be either mailed or brought into the nearest SSA Office.
  • To find local Social Security Office for the individual applying for an SSN, go to the Social Security website and utilize the Social Security Office Locator tool. Use this tool when determining which office to direct the individual or to mail the SS-5 for the individual.

Indicate in the eligibility system if assistance was provided with the application for SSN.