Breast or Cervical Cancer Treatment (BCCT) MO HealthNet Manual

1310.005.00 MO HealthNet Prior Quarter Coverage

IM-111 November 26, 2007

Eligibility determination for prior quarter MO HealthNet coverage under BCCT may be separate from the eligibility determination of current coverage under BCCT. A woman DOES NOT have to be currently eligible for MO HealthNet coverage under BCCT to be eligible for prior quarter coverage and vice versa. The effective dates of prior quarter coverage are no earlier than the first day of the third month prior to the month of application (as long as all eligibility requirements are met) and can extend to but not include the first day of the month of application.

EXAMPLE: Ms. Brown is diagnosed with cervical cancer by a SMHW provider on June 10. She applies for BCCT at the local county office on August 15. Information provided on the BCC-2 shows the date of diagnosis, with the need for treatment ending July 31. As Ms. Brown meets all other eligibility requirements, approve her for prior quarter only, coverage dates May 1 through July 31.