Breast or Cervical Cancer Treatment (BCCT) MO HealthNet Manual

1320.010.00 Changes in Categories

IM-22 April 11, 2024

When changing eligibility from BCCT to another MO HealthNet (MHN) category, send an IM-1SSL and an IM1-ABDS for the participant to complete, sign and return. If a Spend Down participant becomes eligible for BCCT, it is not necessary to register a BCCT application. Complete system entries in Section 1315.015.00 IMU5 System Entries for BCCT to transfer the case to BCCT.

Note: Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC) must be applied to eligible participants under the age of 19. Participants under the age of 19 cannot be moved to a lower Level of Care (LOC) during their CEC period. Refer to section 1805.070.00 Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC) in the MAGI Manual.