Children’s Division Memorandums

2011 CD Memos

Number Date Description
CD11-109 12/28/2011 FACES Change to Allow Entry of 18+ Services on ASCS and LGCS Agreements
CD11-108 12/23/2011 Child Care Provider IRS-1099 Misc Forms
CD11-107 12/22/2011 Resource License or Approval Begin Date
CD11-106 12/20/2011 Recruitment, Licensing, and Retention of Foster and Adoptive Parents
Task Force Report
CD11-105 12/15/2011 FACES Monthly Newsletter- November Edition
CD11-104 12/13/2011 Missouri Heart Gallery 2012 Registration Procedure
CD11-103 11/29/2011 Introduction of Intensive Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
(AKA Inpatient Diversion Program)
CD11-102 11/28/2011 Program Improvement Plan for CFSR Round Two
CD11-101 11/28/2011 FACES Pre-SACWIS Review
CD11-100 11/17/2011 Revision of the Child Care Manual Policy Related to "Purpose
and Overview", "Setting Up a Case Record", and Introduction
of Sections Legal Basis and Parental Choice in the Child Care Manual
CD11-99 11/16/2011 FACES Change to Maintenance Level Updates for Subsidy Cases
CD11-98 11/09/2011 Fiscal Year 2011 Statewide Single Audit for the Child Care Assistance
CD11-97 11/09/2011 CD-174    Out of County Home Assessment

CD-175    Service Worker/ Case Transfer Request
CD11-96 11/08/2011 Legal Guardianship Agreement (CDSG) Update
CD11-95 11/04/2011 Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch
CD11-94 11/01/2011 FACES Monthly Newsletter-October Edition
CD11-93 10/31/2011 Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch
CD11-92 10/18/2011 Changes to the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CD11-91 10/17/2011 Revision of the Child Care Manual Policy Related to Provider Eligibility
CD11-90 10/17/2011 Revisions of the Child Care Manual Policy Related to Appropriate
Procedure for Child Care Approval Process and Case Record Destruction
CD11-89 10/12/2011 Revisions to the CS-21
CD11-88 10/12/2011 Clarifications of Relative or Kinship Policy
CD11-87 10/12/2011 Elevated Medical Foster Care Resource Home Capacity
CD11-86 10/12/2011 Revised Policy, Procedure and Tools Related to Child Safety Assessment
and Safety Planning
CD11-85 10/06/2011 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD11-84 10/06/2011 Policy Change for Updating the Child Assessment and Service Plan,
CD11-83 10/03/2011 FACES Monthly Newsletter-September Edition
CD11-82 09/23/2011 Changes to the Department of Health and Senior Services MOHSAIC Access
for FSD and CD Staff
CD11-81 09/19/2011 The Importance of Father Engagement
CD11-80 09/20/2011 Medicaid Coverage for Children in Foster Care
CD11-79 09/16/2011 Federal Reporting Requirements
CD11-78 09/19/2011 “Missouri Reach” Tuition Waivers and Fee Program
CD11-77 09/13/2011 Faces Monthly Newsletter-August Edition
CD11-76 09/13/2011 Improving Educational Opportunities for Foster Children
CD11-75 09/13/2011 2011 Legislation Update and Related Policy Revisions
CD11-74 09/09/2011 Elimination of the Child Care Payment Transition Notice Coversheet
CD11-73 09/07/2011 PERforM Measures for Staff
CD11-72 08/31/2011 Terminology Related to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
CD11-71 08/31/2011 Transportation Services
CD11-70 08/24/2011 Updated Protective Service Alert Policy and Procedure
CD11-69 08/24/2011 Revision of Fair Hearing Policy
CD11-68 08/15/2011 FAMIS/FACES Child Care Notices
CD11-67 08/12/2011 Written Placement Agreement for Use in Residential Treatment Facilities
CD11-66 08/15/2011 Revision of Cooperative Agreements for the Purchase of Foster Care
CD11-65 08/11/2011 Record Review Processes—Elimination of Peer Record Review (PRR) and
Enhancements of Supervisory Case Review and Best Practice Review
CD11-64 08/05/2011 Revision of TPR and Adoption Consent Forms
CD11-63 08/05/2011 ARRA Funding Ending for $30 Plus 1/3 Disregard and Non-Temporary
Assistance Job Search
CD11-62 07/15/2011 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD11-61 07/14/2011 Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy Submission
CD11-60 07/12/2011 Study Time for Child Care Families
CD11-59 07/12/2011 Self Employment Income Budgeting Training
CD11-58 07/12/2011 Child Care System Changes for Citizenship & Social Security Number
CD11-57 07/12/2011 Protective Services Child Care – Legal Matrix
CD11-56 07/07/2011 Availability of Child Development Wheels
CD11-55 06/29/2011 Alternative Opportunities, Inc.-Rolla
CD11-54 06/27/2011 2011 Linking Hearts Community Adoption Event
CD11-53 06/23/2011 Alternative Opportunities, Inc.-Rolla
CD11-52 06/06/2011 Children’s Foundation of Mid-America, Inc. Bon Gor House
CD11-51 06/06/2011 Child Abuse and Neglect Shelter, Inc. dba Rainbow House Teen Emergency
CD11-50 06/03/2011 Child Care Assistance for Impacted Families in the Joplin Area
CD11-49 05/26/2011 Revision of the Travel Expense Log, CD-106
CD11-48 05/25/2011 Manual Update Regarding Documentation
CD11-47 05/25/2011 Rescinsion of the Newborn Crisis Assessment Retention Schedule in
CD11-46 05/20/2011 The Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network (MOCCRRN) DBA
Child Care Aware® Of Missouri, Centralized Referral
CD11-45 05/20/2011 Child Care Support For Missouri Work Assistance Participants
CD11-44 05/13/2011 Introduction of the CS-24B, Call-Out Procedures and Revisions of
the Newborn Crisis Assessment Tool
CD11-43 05/13/2011 Procedures for Sharing Information during the Child Abuse/Neglect
Administrative Review Process
CD11-42 05/13/2011 Revision of Sexual Abuse Definition in the Glossary Section
CD11-41 04/29/2011 Non-Temporary Assistance Job Search
CD11-40 04/29/2011 Foster Parent Appreciation Month
CD11-39 04/22/2011 Making a Determination within the Family Assessment Response
CD11-38 04/21/2011 Legal Aspects DVD Series
CD11-37 04/19/2011 Medical Records Fees
CD11-36 04/14/2011 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD11-35 04/07/2011 Child Care Rate Enhancements
CD11-34 04/06/2011 Resource and Adoptive Parent Child Care Frequently Asked Questions
CD11-33 03/22/2011 Older Youth Program Tips and References
CD11-32 03/21/2011 How to Address Authorization Issues Impacting Child Care Provider
CD11-31 03/18/2011 FAMIS/FACES Child Care Authorization Changes
CD11-30 03/18/2011 Transitional Services for Youth with Elevated Needs Level B
CD11-29 03/17/2011 Management Analyst Specialist II Appointment
CD11-28 03/14/2011 FACES System Change Request Process
CD11-27 03/09/2011 Medicaid Only Agreements shall not be Negotiated for Guardianship
Subsidy Cases
CD11-26 03/01/2011 FACES Manager
CD11-25 02/28/2011 Revision of Emotional Abuse Definition in the Glossary Section
CD11-24 02/22/2011 Dual Custody Between the Division of Youth Services and Children’s
CD11-23 02/18/2011 Workforce Opportunities for Older Youth
CD11-22 02/18/2011 Access MACSS Information in FACES
CD11-21 02/10/2011 Worker Visits with Children Update
CD11-20 02/08/2011 Adoption Tax Credit Clarification
CD11-19 02/03/2011 Gillis
CD11-18 01/25/2011 Children’s Foundation of Mid-America, Inc.
CD11-17 01/25/2011 Requirement of Departmental Client Number (DCN) Entry in CA/N Investigations
and Family Assessments
CD11-16 01/21/2011 Child Specific Contracts
CD11-15 01/19/2011 Changes to the Retention Schedule for Newborn Crisis Assessment Referrals
and Unable to Locate Records
CD11-14 01/18/2011 Child Care Provider IRS-1099 Misc Forms
CD11-13 01/19/2011 Placement of Foster Youth in Department of Mental Health Licensed
CD11-12 01/18/2011 CQI Quarterly Newsletter, In Focus
CD11-11 01/13/2011 Revision to the "Information About the Child Care Assistance
Program" (IM-4CC) Brochure
CD11-10 01/13/2011 Head Start and Early Head Start Participation in the Child Care Assistance
CD11-09 01/13/2011 Revised Direct Deposit Form for Children’s Division Vendors
CD11-08 02/03/2011 Correction Child Care Payments
CD11-07 01/13/2011 Reimbursement of Child Care to Parents/Resource Parents
CD11-06 01/06/2011 Child Care Update to the Missouri Resource Parent Handbook
CD11-05 01/06/2011 Child Care Waiver Authorization Process User Guide
CD11-04 01/03/2011 FAMIS/FACES Child Care Authorization Updates
CD11-03 01/03/2011 Child Care Provider Claims and Restitution System
CD11-02 01/04/2011 Resource Provider Support During Out-Of-Home Investigations
CD11-01 01/03/2011 Availability Payments for Level B Foster Care Providers