10.2 Definition and Purpose

The Written Service Agreement is the CD-14B or last page of the CS-1 and is the written working agreement between the family, child, placement provider and the family’s Children’s Service Worker during FCS or FCOOHC cases.

The Preliminary Case Plan is the Written Plan developed by the family support team during the 72-hour meeting and is documented on the72 Hour Plan, FST-2. At the 72-hour FST, the family, Children’s Service Worker and other members of the FST will establish a permanency goal and identify service needs. The preliminary case plan establishes the foundation for the initial 30-day treatment period. The initial 30 days is critical to timely family reunification and selection of the most appropriate placement provider. The family Children’s Service Worker will have frequent contacts with the parent(s), child, and placement provider to complete the family/child assessment and provide needed support and resources. The family treatment plan will be reviewed by the full FST within 30 days of the child being placed in the custody of the Children’s Division at which time it is replaced by the CS-1, Case Plan.

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