Children’s Services Policy Manual

Chapter 5 – Referral to IL/VR Programs

RSB may provide the following services, as appropriate, for the needs of each eligible client. A comprehensive evaluation conducted collaboratively by the Children’s Specialist, the parents/caretakers and the client will determine the nature and scope of services needed:

1. Advocacy on behalf of children and families to schools and community service providers
2. Technical assistance to responsible service providers (including families)
3. Evaluation of developmental needs
4. Resource and referral
5. Connecting families
6. Transitional (i.e., to new school/service environment, developmental) services
7. Promoting the Expanded Core Curriculum
8. Educating the community on blindness issues
9. Adjustment counseling for children and families
10. Promoting community integration
11. Securing equipment and services
12. Career Exploration Activities, without cost, that increase the child’s vocationally relevant knowledge of themselves and the world of work.
13. Other services in keeping with the mission and core functions of the CS program