1020.000.00 Institutional Residence (OAA, PTD, and AB)

1020.015.05 Essential Needs Requirements

In determining the need of an applicant or recipient, it is essential that the standards used in measuring necessary expenses and the methods employed in computing income be the same for, and be equitably applied to all persons in similar circumstances.  The basic or “standard” requirements include all items necessary to develop and maintain physical and mental health and the welfare and efficiency of children and adults.

In computing the income of an applicant or recipient, only those resources which are available during the period under consideration shall be taken into account, including those in kind as well as in cash.

If the income and resources of an applicant or recipient are sufficient to provide his requirements, the individual or assistance group would be considered self-sustaining and not eligible for assistance.  If the income and resources are not sufficient to provide for the requirements of the individual or assistance group, the extent of need and the amount of grant for the applicant or recipient would then be determined.