December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1020.025.00 Missouri State Rehabilitation Center

The Missouri State Rehabilitation Center is certified as an acute care hospital with full Medicare/Medicaid participation. Therefore, an applicant for or recipient of assistance should be treated the same as an applicant or recipient entering a regular hospital.

This policy applies to any category of assistance for which the claimant is eligible when entering a hospital. Coverage is no longer restricted to individuals 65 years of age and over.

All claimants admitted to the Missouri State Rehabilitation Center are required to submit to the ‘means’ test. Patients with coverage or potential coverage by insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, other federal or State programs, worker’s compensation, trusts, or estates are considered as able to pay. The ‘means’ test is not applied until all available sources are exhausted, at which time the Missouri State Rehabilitation Center applies the ‘means’ test to determine the patient’s liability with respect to the uncovered portion of their bill. This practice allows the determination of medical expenses that can be charged against the applicant’s spenddown amount, when applicable.  The Missouri State Rehabilitation Center will provide verification of medical expenses incurred by the individual.

Out-of-state admissions remain the responsibility of the State of residence, unless it can be established the individual intends to retain permanent residence in Missouri.

Lawrence County processes new applications when the individual is already in the Missouri State Rehabilitation Center, and is responsible for transferring the case to the appropriate county when the individual is released from the hospital.

An exception to this policy allows application processing for children and/or severely disabled individuals who are unable to complete the application process on their own behalf. Process applications in the county where the parent(s), guardians, or responsible person resides, if residing in a county other than Lawrence County.

Lawrence County staff will assist, as needed, in verifying information or in reporting known changes of circumstances, such as current hospital status, etc. Requests for these applications may originate from Missouri State Rehabilitation Center staff; parent(s), guardian, or responsible person(s); or Lawrence County FSD staff.