1025.000.00 Cash and Securities (OAA and PTD)

1025.015.05 Joint Bank Accounts

IM-32 March 12, 2013

Consider the total amount on deposit in a joint bank account, of which the applicant/participant is one of the owners, as available unless there is verification the money placed in the account or a definite portion of it belongs to the other joint owner(s).

EXCEPTION: If the applicant/participant is married and living with spouse, consider the total amount on deposit, whether owned individually or jointly with the spouse, as available to the applicant/participant.

When both or all of the owners of a joint bank account, who are not married to each other, are applying for or receiving assistance, each is considered as owning their proportionate share of the account.

Once it is verified a joint bank account exists of which the applicant/participant is one of the owners, the total amount on deposit is not considered as a resource if the applicant/participant states he or she has not deposited any portion of the money in the account and past circumstances and/or bank records indicate this is reasonable. Only the portion of the joint account determined to belong to the applicant/participant is counted as a resource.

Some factors to consider in accepting the applicant/participant’s statement are employment, health, or assistance history which indicates the applicant/participant had little or no opportunity to acquire such assets.