December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1030.000.05 Resources Fall Below Limit in Month of Application

IM-77 June 14, 2022; IM-150 October 2, 2019; IM-52 September 8, 2011

When an applicant’s resources fall below the resource limit at any point during the month, the applicant is eligible for the entire month, if all other points of eligibility are met. The date of the disposed funds should not be used as the eligibility begin date.

When assets that could potentially cause ineligibility are disposed of, determine if an improper transfer of assets has occurred. Additional information regarding the transfer of assets policy is located in MHABD manual section 1040.000.00 Transfers of Property.

EXAMPLE 1: Mr. Adams applied for MO HealthNet vendor coverage on May 1, 2021, the day he entered the nursing home. He had a life insurance policy with $10,000 cash surrender value. He is eligible on all other factors. His family assisted him with cashing in the life insurance policy and purchasing an irrevocable pre-need burial contract on June 29, 2021. He is eligible for MO HealthNet for the entire month of June 2021. He is not eligible for the month of May 2021.

EXAMPLE 2: Ms. Young applied for MO HealthNet coverage on May 13, 2021.  She receives Social Security Disability income (SSDI) of $800 per month. After her current month’s income was excluded, she had a balance of $7,000 in her checking account on May 1, 2021. Staff reviewed verification of Ms. Young’s bank account balance and on May 23, 2021, her balance was below the resource limit. Staff also reviewed the balance verification to determine that an improper transfer of assets had not occurred.  Ms. Young is eligible on all other factors. She is eligible for MO HealthNet for the entire month of May 2021.

Refer to MHABD Appendix J for the current resource maximums.