1030.030.00 Annuities

1030.030.20.20 Annuities That Were Purchased and Began Making Payments Prior to August 28, 2005

IM-26 March 15, 2012

For annuities that were purchased and began making payments prior to August 28, 2005, the income stream (the amount of remaining guaranteed payments from the annuity) is an excluded asset. If the annuity has cash surrender value the cash surrender value is considered an available resource. The cash surrender value (CSV) minus any surrender fees or other charges, is counted as an available resource to the owner of the annuity (see 1030.030.05 Definitions Related to Annuities). The cash surrender value is entered in FAMIS from the Select Financial Resource (SELFRES,FMWB) screen Resource Class LR LIQUID RESOURCE, Resource Type AN ANNUITY. Comments must be entered from the Liquid Resource (FMWO) screen to document the verification received and the computation of the CSV.