1030.035.00 Divisions of Assets

1030.035.15.02 Processing Assessments

Complete assessments within 45 days from the date of request. Consider the following information when completing an assessment:

  1. Whether the institutionalized spouse is likely to remain in the facility for 30 days or longer. Verification may be obtained from the individual’s physician, a hospital social worker, or the Pre-admission Screening Form (DA-124C). If the request for an assessment is made after 30 or more days of residing in the institution, verify the participant’s period of continuous institutionalization. Contact the nursing facility or hospital and establish that the participant has resided in an Intermediate Care Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility bed or hospital for at least 30 days since the institutionalization began. Accept the nursing facility or hospital’s oral verification.

    NOTE:  It may be necessary to contact more than one facility as transfers between beds in nursing facilities or between nursing facilities or between nursing facilities and hospitals does not break the continuous period.

  2. Whether the couple is legally married. Missouri does not sanction ‘common law’ marriages; however, Missouri will recognize ‘common law’ marriages that occurred in States where they are legal.  Clear these types of situations through normal supervisory channels.
  3. The equity value of non-exempt assets owned by either member of the couple in the month institutionalization begins.

Non-exempt assets are the same as available resources as described in the Available Resources (OAA and PTD) policy.  Follow normal procedures for verification of assets (resources) even when there is no application for vendor benefits.  Verification of assets declared may be provided by the couple or through the use of the Financial Information Request (IM-7), Insurance and Prepaid Burial Letter (IM-9), or any other FSD form as necessary to verify information furnished by the couple.

EXAMPLE: Mr. Basic, who was institutionalized in November 1990, requests an assessment of assets in January 1991.  The couple will declare assets owned in November 1990.  Verify the equity value of the non-exempt assets owned in November 1990 in order to complete the assessment.  If a vendor application was also requested in January 1991, the couple will declare assets owned in November 1990 (Declaration and Assessment of Assets form) and in January 1991 (Application/Eligibility Statement).  Verify the equity value of non-exempt assets owned in November 1990 (for the assessment) and in January 1991 (for the vendor application).