1030.035.00 Divisions of Assets

1030.035.15.03 Disposition of Assessments

IM-21 March 3, 2004

When a request for an assessment cannot be completed (couple does not cooperate, institutionalization not likely to be 30 days or longer, etc.), notify each member of the couple.  These requests are considered denied.

NOTE:  If either spouse dies prior to the completion of the assessment and there is an application for vendor benefits, complete the assessment and determine eligibility for vendor for the period when both spouses were alive.  De-activate the assessment after the application for vendor is processed.

If the assessment is completed and later becomes invalid (institutionalized or community spouse dies or the community spouse is institutionalized AND applies for MO HealthNet vendor benefits or HCB), the assessments are considered de-activated.  It is not necessary to notify the couple when an assessment is de-activated.  Retain the original Declaration and Assessment of Assets and verification for 5 years after deactivating the assessment.

If the assessment is complete and there is no application for vendor benefits, the assessment is active and cannot be destroyed.  Should the institutionalized spouse apply for vendor benefits or HCB at a later date, use the spousal share as determined at the beginning of the first continuous period of institutionalization.

For cases where the assessment is complete and the institutionalized spouse is receiving vendor benefits, keep the assessment in the case record.

If the assessment is complete and the institutionalized spouse is eligible for vendor or HCB, AND the community spouse goes into an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or Skilled Nursing Facility bed but does not apply for MO HealthNet do not deactivate the Division of Assets.

Keep the Declaration and Assessment of Assets for five years after the assessment becomes inactive.