1035.000.00 Real and Personal Property (AB)

1035.005.05 Real or Personal Property Exclusions

IM-68 June 15, 2017

  1. Homestead Exemption: For the purposes of this determination, the word ‘home’ is defined as:
    1. If rural property, includes the acreage on which the home is located, plus any adjoining acreage which is a part of that farming unit (property will be considered as adjoining even though a road may separate two tracts, if the property is farmed as a single unit); and
    2. If town or city property, include lots on which there is no dwelling but which adjoin the residence (regardless of the number of lots so long as they are in the same city block). If an SAB recipient leaves the home and enters an institution, etc., the home becomes an available resource immediately and the 24-month rule does not apply.
  2. Burial lot for claimant and/or spouse
  3. Real or personal property used directly by the blind person in remunerative employment (rental property does not meet this exclusion)
  4. Clothing
  5. Furniture and household equipment
  6. Personal jewelry
  7. Relocation Assistance Payments: Section 216 of Public Law 91-646 provides that ‘relocation’ payments for property purchased by the State Highway Department or property purchased under the Housing Act, which results in the relocation of an assistance recipient, shall not be considered in determining eligibility for public assistance. Disregard Relocation Assistance Payments which are used to purchase other real property until such time as the other real property is sold or transferred or until the period of time designated shall expire.
  8. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and Independent Living Accounts (ILA’s) are excludable with consideration to the same limitations found in 1025.015.10 Treatment of Medical Savings Accounts and Independent Living Accounts.