1035.000.00 Real and Personal Property (AB)

1035.005.10 Real or Personal Property Included

  1. Cash in personal possession or in safe-deposit box, deposits in bank, building and loan or trust companies, stocks, bonds, mortgages, promissory notes, balances owed claimant on sales contract, savings bonds, building and loan certificates, personal notes, bills of exchange, bank checks, certificates of deposit and similar instruments, both negotiable and non-negotiable.
  2. The cash surrender value of all life insurance policies and revocable burial contracts owned by the client. There is no cash surrender value exemption allowed in AB/SAB cases.
  3. Equity in salable personal property, such as livestock, automobile, truck, farm surplus and machinery, unless covered in Real or Personal Property Exclusions.
  4. Any real property not covered in Real or Personal Property Exclusions.