December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1050.010.00 Statement of Parent or Sighted Spouse

In establishing eligibility on this factor, the sighted spouse or parent(s) must complete and sign a Statement of Parent or Sighted Spouse.

This form is not necessary in the following situations:

  1. when the address of the relative is unknown;
  2. when the relative receives public assistance or resides in an institution and their inability to support is known;
  3. when the inability to support is known to the County Office;
  4. when the relative is outside of the home and refuses to sign a Statement of Parent or Sighted Spouse; or
  5. when the relative lives outside the State.

The Statement of Parent or Sighted Spouse form should be signed regardless of whether the relative is living in the same household.  If the relative lives in another county in Missouri, send the form directly to the relative.  If no answer is received, county FSD office in which the relative resides should be asked to interview the relative and obtain the signed form.  Do not delay a decision on an application pending receipt of the statement from a relative who does not live in the same household.  Accept the statement of ability to support as given by the relative on the form without further verification.  If the relative declares an ability to provide full support, the claimant is ineligible for AB.  All contributions in cash or kind are included in the budget.