December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1055.005.00 Blindness (AB Eligibility Criteria)

The December 1973 eligibility requirement defines a blind person as one ‘who does not have vision, with or without proper adjusted glasses, up to but not including 5/200, or whose best visual field is 5 degrees as tested with 5 milli-meter target or perimeter’.

In regard to the method of determining blindness, no application may be approved until the applicant has been examined by an ophthalmologist, a physician skilled in diseases of the eye, or an optometrist, designated or approved by the Family Support Division to make such examinations.  The examining ophthalmologist or optometrist must use forms provided by the Family Support Division to certify in writing the findings of the examination. The examination shall be provided for by the Family Support Division without charge to the applicant, and shall be paid as an administrative expense.