December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1060.010.00 VR and Medical Treatment

MRT, rather than the caseworker, decides eligibility on this factor. The decision is generally made at the time of initial approval or at time of reinvestigation. The caseworker may request review of this factor between reinvestigations because of a recent rejection of an offer of vocational rehabilitation or healing treatment by the claimant.

Include on the Social Information Form (IM-61) all information regarding referral to vocational rehabilitation or to medical treatment (including institutional care) available to the claimant, as well as information regarding acceptance or rejection of such help. In cases where the claimant has rejected VR or medical treatment, full information should be given as to the reasons the individual was unwilling to except such service.

MRT reviews all information submitted, and requests additional information on an individual case basis.  When a case must be closed or an application rejected based on refusal to accept VR or medical treatment, FSD receives an administrative decision from MRT.

Attention to the VR/medical treatment eligibility factor during a case investigation is necessary only when notified by MRT that the factor is applicable to the individual case.