0955.000.00 Medical Assistance for Children in Care (MACC)

0955.005.10 Financial Need (MACC)

CS94-50 September 30, 1994

Use the Medical Assistance for Families (MAF) need criteria to determine eligibility for MACC. For children who are under age 19 with income above the MAF limit, their eligibility on the basis of need will be made by comparing the family’s income to the appropriate poverty level, rather than the MAF limits.

Note: For children placed in a non-profit residential facility by the Juvenile Court, with income above the appropriate poverty level there is no income limit. Approve these children for state-only-funded medical assistance (level of care “M”).

  1. If the child is in the legal custody of DMH, DYS or a juvenile court, use MAF budgeting procedures based on the income and expenses of the child.


  2. If the child is in the legal custody of the parents, use MAF budgeting procedures based on the family’s income and expenses.


  1. Include SSI received by the child as income. If the SSI income causes ineligibility for MACC, the claimant does not have the option of electing to receive MACC instead of SSI. Also, include all the Social Security benefits a child is eligible for, even if the benefits are being sent to a representative payee.