0955.000.00 Medical Assistance for Children in Care (MACC)

0955.015.10 Initial Application Processing (MACC)

CS94-50 September 30, 1994

If a claimant enters an eligible living arrangement and makes application for MACC, the worker will:

  1. Complete an IM-1 in the child’s name. Have the parent/legal guardian or DYS/DMH/Juvenile court staff person sign an MACC application for “K” type of assistance.
  2. Complete an application/eligibility statement form, based upon the MAF criteria.
  3. Determine applicable eligibility factors, i.e. Living Arrangements, Residence, SSN, Age, and Relationship.
  4. Complete a budget (IM-30 or IBCA) for determining initial eligibility on need.
  5. Obtain and file a copy of the guardianship/legal custody order, if applicable.
  6. Obtain documentation of financial support by DMH/DYS/Juvenile Court.
  7. Record the information and verification in the case record.
  8. Determine prior quarter coverage, if applicable.
  9. Complete the IMU5 entries:
    • The K Type of Assistance MACC number;
    • The name of the child;
    • The facility/foster home name and address or address of parent as appropriate;
    • The reason for opening code 58 – Eligible living arrangement for MACC;
    • The custodial agency/living arrangement codes (field 39), enter J for Juvenile Court, M for DMH, or Y for DYS;
    • A “T” level of care code for the children with MAF based need, a “Q” level of care for the children with poverty level based need, or a “M” level of care for children placed by the Juvenile Court whose income exceeds the limit for “Q”; and
    • Information from the budget.
  10. Send the approval or rejection notification to the parent, guardian, and/or agency with legal custody (whoever made application). Hearing procedures will be followed, if necessary.