1840.000.00 MO HealthNet Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

1840.020.05 From No Premium to Premium

IM-22 April 11, 2024

An Adverse Action must be sent to notify the participant of the requirement to pay a premium. The Adverse Action informs the participant that the current non-premium level of care (LOC) will end and a premium payment is required to continue to receive MO HealthNet coverage.

Once the Adverse Action expires, the Action Notice informs the participant(s) coverage continues for 60 days and a premium payment is required to receive coverage past the 60th day.

Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC)

A child can only be moved from non-premium to premium during an Annual Renewal. Do not remove children or increase the premium amount for children covered under Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC).  Refer to 1805.070.00 Continuous Eligibility for Children (CEC)