1850.000.00 MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women

1850.040.40 Extended Women’s Health Services

IM-130 October 10, 2017IM-#109, August 09, 2017

Uninsured women between ages 18 and 55, who are in need of family planning services and will lose full MO HealthNet eligibility when their post-partum period ends, may remain eligible for Extended Women’s Health Services (EWHS). EWHS continues for a maximum of one year after MPW eligibility expires.

NOTE: The need for family planning services is implied for EWHS. The individual does not have to request family planning services to qualify for EWHS.

NOTE: For insurance to cause ineligibility for EWHS, it must cover family planning services. (Example: Medicare covers family planning)

When coverage for this program ends, an ex-parte review is required. If no other eligibility exists when closing EWHS cases, the Eligibility Specialist must send an appropriate IM-33 notice.

Refer to manual section 1870.015.00 Healthcare Coverage for services covered by EWHS.