1850.000.00 MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW)

1850.040.40 Extended Women’s Health Services

IM-130 October 10, 2017; IM-109 August 9, 2017

Uninsured women between ages 18 and 55, who are in need of family planning services and will lose full MO HealthNet eligibility when their post-partum period ends, may remain eligible for Extended Women’s Health Services (EWHS). EWHS continues for a maximum of one year after MPW eligibility expires.

NOTE: The need for family planning services is implied for EWHS. The individual does not have to request family planning services to qualify for EWHS.

NOTE: For insurance to cause ineligibility for EWHS, it must cover family planning services. (Example: Medicare covers family planning)

When coverage for this program ends, an ex parte review is required. If no other eligibility exists when closing EWHS cases, the Eligibility Specialist must send an appropriate IM-33 notice.

Refer to manual section 1870.015.00 Healthcare Coverage (UWHS) for services covered by EWHS.