Family MO HealthNet (MAGI)

1850.040.30 Coverage When Application Is Made After The Birth

IM-#71, 06/15/2017

If a woman applies for MO HealthNet for Pregnant Woman after her pregnancy terminated, she may be eligible through the end of the month in which it terminated. Benefits would begin on the first day of the month of application or earliest month in the prior quarter in which she met all eligibility requirements. Due to continuous eligibility, her MO HealthNet benefit would continue through the last day of the month in which the pregnancy terminated.

NOTE:  Women who apply for MO HealthNet for Pregnant Woman after the termination of their pregnancy are NOT eligible for Extended Women’s Health Services (EWHS).  Complete an ex parte review to determine eligibility for another MO HealthNet program.  Refer to manual section 1890.000.00 EX PARTE REVIEW PROCESS.