Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1855.010.00 Legal Basis

IM-135 August 28, 2019; IM-110 December 31, 2015

Senate Bill 716 (2014) added RSMo 208.662 to the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) establishing within the Department of Social Services the “Show-Me Healthy Babies Program” as a separate CHIP program for any low-income unborn child. The program is established under the authority of Title XXI of the Federal Social Security Act, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, as amended and 42 CFR 457.1.

The Show-Me Healthy Babies Program is not an entitlement program, but instead is subject to a federal allotment, or other federal appropriations and matching state appropriations.

Federal regulations amended in November 2016 (42 CFR §457.320, 42 CFR §457.360, and 42 CFR §457.380, respectively) outlines the eligibility standards for the program under the authority of the Title XXI of the Federal Social Security Act for low-income unborn children otherwise not eligible for Medicaid under 42 CFR §435.117.

Code of State Regulations (13 CSR 40-7.060) Show-Me Healthy Babies Program establishes specific eligibility standards for the implementation of the program in the State of Missouri.  The program is designed to provide medical assistance to unborn children in low-income households.  The modified adjusted gross income guideline is set at no greater than three hundred percent (300%) of the federal poverty level and the pregnant women’s citizenship/immigration status is not an eligibility factor as the unborn child will be a US citizen.