Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1855.020.00 Eligibility

IM-110 December 31, 2015

Eligibility for this program cannot be determined until a MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women application has been submitted, processed, and denied for excessive income or citizenship.

NOTE: If a pregnant woman is denied for MPW due to failure to cooperate, she is not eligible to be screened for SMHB.

Eligibility guidelines for the Show-Me Healthy Babies program are:

  1. The participant must be an unborn child (see 1855.020.10 Unborn Child)
  2. Resident of Missouri (see 1855.020.20 Resident of Missouri)
  3. Need (see 1855.020.30 Need)
  4. Uninsured (see 1855.020.40 Uninsured)
  5. No access to employer-sponsored insurance (see 1855.020.50 Employer-Sponsored Insurance) or affordable private insurance (see 1855.020.60 Private Insurance) which includes maternity benefits
  6. Parent of unborn child cannot be eligible for any other MO HealthNet programs (see 1855.020.70 Ineligible for Any Other MO HealthNet Programs)

NOTE: A Social Security number is not a factor of eligibility for the pregnant mother or other household members. While obtaining a social security number is not a factor of eligibility, the social security number should be requested as it may be necessary to verify income.

NOTE: Citizenship is based on the unborn child. Since the child will be born in Missouri, they will be a United States citizen. Household composition is determined based on the child.