1890.000.00 Ex Parte Review Process

1890.010.10 Eligibility Exists Under Another Category

IM-04 January 11, 2024; IM-29 March 29, 2017

If eligibility exists under another MO HealthNet category, close the current active case and approve the new category with no lapse in coverage. If ending eligibility from one eligibility system and approving in another, close the active benefits and then the next day approve the new benefits to prevent any disruption in healthcare coverage.

If approved for a Non-MAGI program, notify the participant of approval for the new category AND that eligibility no longer exists under the previous MO HealthNet level of care.

If approved for a different MAGI program, notify the participant of the switch from one MAGI program to another MAGI program AND that eligibility no longer exists for the current program.