Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1102.000.00 Verification

IM-97 November 29, 2023; IM-137 November 21, 2005; IM-47 April 15, 2002

Verification is the use of documentation or contact with a third party to confirm the accuracy of the applicant/participant’s statements on an application, mid-certification review, or a change in circumstance.

Comments or notes must be recorded in the eligibility system for verification as being received, or not, for the SNAP household.  Access FAMIS Resources to determine where to enter a comment and what type of comment is needed for each type of verification. 

The Verification/Evidence Matrix provides acceptable types of verification (hard copy, client statement, telephone call etc.) the agency can accept for each eligibility factor.

  • If an unacceptable verification is entered, the eligibility system pends the case until staff enter the acceptable type of verification and update the case.

If there is outstanding verification, staff must generate a Request for Information form and provide it to the SNAP household.  This form is to be typed in clear and simple language, and notify the household of the information needed to determine eligibility for assistance and complete the outcome of the case.

Allow the household at least 10 days to provide the requested information.