Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1102.020.00 Verification Required at Recertification

IM-61 May 20, 2022; IM-98 October 1, 2021; IM-55 September 13, 2011; IM-95 November 3, 2008; IM-137 November 21, 2005; IM-144 October 27, 2003; IM-47 April 15, 2002

At recertification, verify:

  • income, if the source has changed or the amount has changed by more than $50;
  • child support: if there are any changes in the legal obligation to pay child support, the obligated amount, or the amount of legally obligated child support paid to a non-household member;
  • social security numbers (SSN): if they are newly obtained or previously unreported;
  • work hours of individuals subject to the able-bodied adult without dependents (ABAWDs) work requirement who are meeting that requirement by working, combining work and participation in Adult Education & Literacy (AEL), or by participating in AEL; and
  • medical expenses for elderly or disabled participants: if previously unreported medical expenses total more than $35.00, any new medical expense types reported if already receiving the Standard Medical Deduction (SMD), or total medical expenses are more than $170.00;
      • NOTE: For elderly or disabled participants who are not reporting any new expense types and already have verified medical expenses of $35.01 to $170.00, no additional verification is needed unless the change is questionable or their medical expenses exceed $170.01.

Example 1: Rick and his wife Lynda are disabled. On the prior certification, the reported prescriptions totaled $55.00. At recertification, the household reports their prescriptions are now $63.00 and explains that the insurance co-pay has increased. Since the household still qualifies for the SMD and the reported change does not exceed $170.00, do not re-verify their medical expenses.

Example 2: Natalie is over age 60. Previously, she reported only $33.00 in medical expenses for herself; however, on her recertification, she now reports $37.00 total in prescription costs and doctor’s visits. Verification should be requested to allow the SMD.

Example 3: Karyn is 72 and is receiving the SMD for prescription and doctor’s visit expenses totaling $45.00 per month. She reports on her recertification that she is still paying all her previously verified expenses, but she also has a new expense for a medical alert pendant which costs $10.00 a month for the service. Verification should be requested on the new expense only. If no verification is received, the eligibility system will still allow the SMD.

Example 4: Nancy is 82 and is receiving the SMD for expenses totaling $167.00. On her recertification, she lists no new expenses; but her expenses now total $171.00. As her expenses are over $170.00, verification should be requested on all of her reported medical expenses.

  • questionable information: any information provided from the household that is inconsistent with other information available.

Unchanged information shall not be verified unless the information is incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated. Verification is recorded on the appropriate detail screens in the eligibility system.