Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1102.015.40 Legal Obligation and Actual Child Support Payments

IM-#137 November 21, 2005

Verification of the EU’s legal obligation to pay child support, the amount of the obligation, and the monthly amount of child support the EU actually pays is required.

Whenever possible, obtain information regarding the EU’s legal obligation and actual payments from Child Support Enforcement or check the Select Interface (FMKO) screen in FAMIS as follows:

  • type INTRFACE or FMKO;
  • tab to the CSE source and type “s” on the SEL line to view the CSE screen and;
  • press F6=DETAILS.

Or to use the menus take the following action:

  • type FMPX to go to the FAMIS Main Menu and press enter;
  • type 4 on the command line and press enter to go to FAMIS Inquiry Menu;
  • type 12 on the command line and press enter to go to the Select Interface (INTRFACE or FMK0) screen.

When the child support information is not available on the Child Support Enforcement screens acceptable hard copy documentary verification (HC) to verify includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • obligation amount:
    • divorce decree.
    • support order,
    • separation agreement, or
    • order of garnishment.
  • actual amount of child support paid:
    • paystubs if state child support as a deduction,
    • canceled check, or
    • copy of cashiers check.

If the EU is unable to provide hard copy documentary verification of child support expense, call or contact (TC, CC) the local child support collection agency in an effort to verify the expense.

Verify the legal obligation, the amount of the legal obligation and the actual amount of child support paid. Enter the legal obligation in the Mth Oblg Amount field and the actual amount of child support paid in the Mth Paid Amount field on the Court Ordered Expense (FMXL) screen. The EU’s application is not pended over 30 days or denied because they fail to provide child support expense verification. If the child support expense cannot be verified, the eligibility determination is completed without allowing the child support deduction. When the controlled flow is complete and there is no other outstanding verification, FAMIS completes the eligibility determination at the end of 30 days and does not allow the child support expense. Refer to 1115.035.20 Child Support Deduction for further instructions/policy.