Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual – Table of Contents


IM-#55 September 13, 2011,  IM-#95 October, 2008,  IM-#137 November 21, 2005,  IM-#144 October 27, 2003,  IM-#47 April 15, 2002

At recertification, verify:

  • income, if the source has changed or the amount has changed by more than $50;
  • previously unreported medical expenses, totaling more than $35, and previously reported medical expenses that changed by more than $25;If change in medical expenses under $200 are reported and the medical expense standard of $200 is already allowed, no additional verification is needed.
  • any changes in the legal obligation to pay child support, the obligated amount, and the amount of legally obligated child support paid to a non-EU member;
  • newly obtained social security numbers;
  • work hours of individuals subject to the able-bodied adult without dependents (ABAWDs) work requirement who are meeting that requirement by working, combining work and participation in ABE, or by participating in ABE; and
  • any information that is questionable.EXAMPLE: Fluctuating earned income such as employees paid by the hour or those doing piece work is questionable.

Unchanged information shall not be verified unless the information is incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated.

Verification is recorded on the appropriate detail screens in FAMIS. Refer to the Comments Chart for specific instructions on recording comments.

If verification is required to determine eligibility or continued eligibility, but is not provided, leave the verification code blank. FAMIS creates outstanding verification. Print the FA-325 Request for Information Form to the EU notifying the EU what information is needed to determine eligibility. If the EU’s language proficiency is Spanish, mark the needed verification on the IM-31A (Spanish) and give to the EU. Make a copy of the form and file in the hard copy case file.

NOTE: The FA-325 may be edited and text added by following the steps in Editing and Adding Text to the FA325 in the FAMIS User Guides.