1105.015.00 Eligibility Unit Determination

1105.015.10.15 Disqualified for Intentional Program Violations

IM-21 February 21, 2006; IM-140 December 30, 2004

An individual is ineligible to receive benefits if s/he is found guilty of making a false or misleading statement; misrepresents, conceals, or withholds facts; or commits any act that constitutes a violation of the Food Stamp Act, Regulations, or any state statute relating to the use, presentation, transfer, acquisition, receipt, or possession of food stamp benefits. The intentional program violations also include the following:

  • purchasing a controlled substance with food stamp benefits (type code PCS)
    • NOTE: This disqualification differs from the felony drug conviction (DUC) discussed in 1105.015.10.35 Disqualified for Felony Drug Conviction. This disqualification is based on purchasing a controlled substance with food stamp benefits. The felony drug conviction is any conviction in a court of law related to illegal possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance.
  • convicted of trafficking food stamp benefits of $500 or more (type code TRA)
  • making a fraudulent statement or representation about identity or residence in order to receive multiple benefits simultaneously (type code RMB)
  • convicted of transacting benefits for firearms, ammunition or explosives (type code TEF)

The disqualification is entered on the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen, using type codes CDQ (court), HDQ (hearing), or WHC (waiver of hearing). Refer to 1142.015.15 Intentional Program Violation and the user guide Entering a Sanction or Disqualification for more information.