1105.015.10 Ineligible Members Included in the Household

1105. Eligibility Determinations for Probation/Parole Violation

IM-21 February 21, 2006; IM-140 December 30, 2004

Enter the resources and income of individuals disqualified as a probation/parole violator on the appropriate screens so they are considered in making the budget and resource determinations. Enter the disqualified member’s share of income deductions and allowable expenses in the total EU deductions and expenses. FAMIS includes all income, resources, and expenses of the EU member disqualified for violating the terms of probation or parole.

Disqualification for being a fleeing felon does not affect the EU’s categorical eligibility (CE) status if all the remaining EU members receive Temporary Assistance, SSI, SAB, or SP benefits, or any remaining EU member is authorized to receive special support services. Enter the appropriate CE status on the Categorically Eligible (FMMK) screen.