1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.05.25 Voluntary Job Quit

IM-33 June 24, 2014

Voluntary job quit provisions and sanctioning policies apply when an individual quits a job and:

NOTE: Persons excluded from work registration are mandatory to comply with work requirements including the voluntary job quit provisions.

Apply the voluntary job quit decision to EUs as follows:

  • Applying EU: When an EU files an application, determine if a currently unemployed EU member, who is not exempt from work requirements, has quit a job WITHIN the 60 days prior to the date of application. However, do not delay the application past the 30-day time frame to determine voluntary job quit if all other points of eligibility have been established. If the voluntary job quit is later verified, take appropriate action.
  • Participating EU: When the EU reports the loss of a source of earned income, determine if any EU member voluntarily quit a job. If the voluntary job quit is verified, take appropriate action.
  • Disqualified Member Changes EUs: If a person was disqualified in one EU for voluntary job quit and joins another EU, the disqualification follows the individual.
  • Member joins a certified EU: If a person is not a member of an EU when the voluntary job quit occurs and then joins a certified EU, voluntary job quit provisions apply to the individual.

Voluntary job quit does not apply and is not considered when:

  • The individual is exempt from work requirements

    EXCEPTION: Exemption of employed 30 hours per week does not exempt an individual from voluntary job quit provisions, unless the individual continues to earn wages equivalent to 30 hours per week multiplied by the federal minimum wage rate.

  • The job did not involve working at least 30 or more hours per week
  • The job did not provide weekly earnings equivalent to the Federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours per week
  • The change in employment status is from reduced hours of employment while working for the same employer
  • A self-employment enterprise is terminated; or
  • Resignation from a job is at the demand of the employer

Consider federal, state, or local government employees dismissed from their jobs due to participation in a strike against the government entity as voluntary job quit without good cause.

If an individual quits a job, secures new employment at comparable wages or hours, and is then laid off or, through no fault of his own loses the new job, the individual must not be disqualified for the earlier quit.

Voluntary job quit information is captured on the Job Quit/Work Reduction (SANDISQ/FMMT) screen. See the Job Quit/Work Reduction user guide for instructions on entering the sanction.