1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.10.15 Reapplication After Sanctioning for Job Quit, Reduced Hours Worked or Refusal to Accept an Offer of Suitable Employment

IM-33 June 24, 2014

If an individual requests reapplication while serving a work requirement sanction, accept the application. The application will pend for compliance. Outstanding verification for compliance of the sanctioned individual is created.

New applications pend for 30 days and timely reapplications pend until the end of the certification. If a compliance date is not entered and the sanction ended by the application due date, the application is rejected if a single person EU or the sanctioned individual is rejected and eligibility determined for the remainder of the EU if there is no other outstanding verification. The sanctioned individual is included in the EU with an IC role.

If the sanctioned individual complies prior to the application due date for an initial application, FAMIS determines eligibility for benefits for the month of application. When an individual who is included on an active case (including those making timely reapplication) complies, FAMIS determines eligibility for benefits for the month following the month of compliance.

To end the sanction, go to the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen and enter the compliance date and reason. Refer to the Updating/Ending a Sanction or Disqualification user guide. FAMIS determines the end date.

NOTE: In addition to complying, the individual must also have served the specified number of months of sanction. If the sanctioned individual has not served the appropriate number of months of sanction at the time s/he complies, s/he remains ineligible through the last month of the sanction.

If the individual requests reapplication during the ten-day conciliation, or prior to the expiration of the FA-510 Adverse Action Notice for proposed sanctioning, accept the application. The application pends and outstanding verification is created to allow the non-complying EU member to comply. If the conciliation or adverse action process is not ended, the sanction will be automatically imposed. Once the sanction is imposed, the pending application is rejected if a one person EU or the individual is rejected and eligibility determined for the remaining EU members at the end of the application timeframe.

If the noncompliance is cured during the ten-day conciliation period, or prior to expiration of the adverse action notice, no sanction is applied and an eligibility determination including the non-complying member as an IN EU member is completed. Go to the Sanction/Disqualification (SANDISQ/FMAM) screen and delete the sanction. The pended application is processed and benefits issued from the date of application or the first month of the new certification when it is a timely reapplication.

If a sanctioned individual reapplies in the last month of sanction and complies during that month, benefits are denied for the month of application and eligibility is determined for months subsequent to sanction.