1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.025.12 DWD Determines Individual May Meet a Work Registration Exemption or Exclusion

IM-03 January 9, 2009; IM-103 October 4, 2004

When completing the employment assessment with the participant, the DWD worker may identify circumstances, which could cause the participant to meet a work registration exemption or exclusion. FSD is electronically notified of this possibility. The individual’s work assessment code is automatically changed to 18 (Workforce Development DWD good cause), the Status code is changed to EXC (excluded), and “Y” is entered in the Good Cause field on the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen. A reminder is sent to the worker. The reminder states “Check Status Employment Assessment” along with one of the following descriptions:

  • Individual caring for a child under age 6
  • Individual is mentally or physically disabled
  • Individual is age 60 or over
  • Indiv reqd to care for ill/incapacitated prsn
  • Individual working 30 hours or more per week
  • Individual is a part or full-time student
  • Individual is receiving Unemployment Comp
  • Indiv is in a drug or alcohol treatment prgm
  • Indiv is pregnant
  • Indiv has no personal/public transportation
  • Indiv lacks childcare or CC cost is excessive
  • Individual has multiple impediments

In addition to the reminders, the DWD Details (FMK7) screen which is accessed through the Select Interface (FMK0) screen displays why the individual may be exempt or excluded, action taken by the system, and actions required.

Contact the participant to determine whether or not s/he meets a work registration exemption or exclusion. After having talked with the participant, go to the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen and enter the appropriate work assessment code. Changing the work assessment code ends the reminder. If the work assessment code is not updated by the 50th day, the reminder is elevated to the supervisor. If the eligibility specialist is unable to contact the participant, change the work assessment code back to mandatory (22).

NOTE: It is possible the individual may still be considered a mandatory participant. If so, it is appropriate to enter work assessment code 22. The individual will be referred back to DWD.