1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.025.20 Changes in Work Registration Status

IM-79 August 26, 2013; IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-32 April 1, 1999

If a mandatory participant reports a change, making the individual exempt or excluded from mandatory work registration, go to the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen and add the new work assessment code and status within ten days. Document the change in the work assessment code and status on the comments screen.

If an exempt or excluded individual becomes a mandatory participant due to a change in circumstances, the following action is required:

  • change the individual’s work assessment code to 22 and status to MAN on the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen. The individual will then be systematically referred to DWD.

All EU members who are referred to DWD for work registration must be provided information regarding work registration, the rights and responsibilities of work registered EU members, and the consequences of failure to comply. To meet this requirement, provide the new mandatory work registrant a program information pamphlet,┬áIM-4 METP “Food Stamps and Work.”