1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.30.30 Voluntary Job Quit

IM-108 November 20, 2007; IM-103 October 4, 2004; IM-32 April 1, 1999

Voluntary job quit provisions and sanctioning policies apply to all EU members. If any EU member voluntarily and without good cause quits a job that was 30 or more hours per week or where the earnings were equal to or more than 30 hours per week times Federal minimum wage, that individual is subject to sanctioning. The rest of the EU remains eligible.

NOTE: Persons registered and excluded from work registration are NOT excluded from the voluntary job quit provisions.

To make a determination of voluntary job quit determine if:

  • a voluntary job quit has occurred, and
  • the individual or situation is exempt from the voluntary quit provisions

Voluntary job quit does not apply and is not considered in the following situations:

  • the individual is exempt from work registration requirements, except work registration exemption of employed 30 hours per week
  • the job did not involve working at least 30 or more hours per week OR the job did not provide weekly earnings equivalent to the Federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours per week
  • the change in employment status is from reduced hours of employment while working for the same employer
  • a self-employment enterprise is terminated; or
  • resignation from a job is at the demand of the employer

NOTE: Consider federal, state, or local government employees dismissed from their jobs due to participation in a strike against the government entity as voluntary job quit without good cause.

Voluntary job quit information is captured on the Job Quit/Work Reduction (FMMT) screen. When an EU member has quit a job that involved working at least 30 or more hours per week or had earnings equal to or greater than Federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours per week enter Y in the answer field for the question “Has anyone in your household age 16 to 60 quit a job in the last 60 days?” and press enter. Press F6=DETAIL to go to the Job Quit Detail (FMMN) screen. An answer must be committed for one EU member at a time by entering a Y (yes) or N (no) in the Y/N field and pressing enter. When the appropriate answer is Y (yes), also enter the date of job quit in the Job Quit Date field. If a good cause determination (see 1105.025.35 Determining Good Cause for Work Registration Components) can be made while in the controlled flow, type or prompt for the appropriate code in the Good Cause field. If a good cause determination cannot be made or if it is determined the EU member does not have good cause, press F13=SANDISQ which goes to the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen. Enter a VJQ (voluntary job quit) sanction following procedures outlined in the Entering a Sanction or Disqualification user guide. When a sanction is not entered for an EU member who does not have good cause, an ISD (insufficient data) is received on the technical eligibility determination.