1105.025.00 Work Requirements

1105.025.45.05 Non-compliance Determined by Worker

IM-05 January 13, 2009; IM-103 October 4, 2004

If it is determined by the eligibility specialist that an active EU member who is a mandatory work registrant refused an offer of employment without good cause, go to the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen and add work assessment status MNC (mandatory non-compliant). Refer to the Adding and Updating Employment Assessment Information user guide. FAMIS sends the EU an Information Notice (FA-601) to begin conciliation. If the registrant does not comply by the expiration of the conciliation period, FAMIS creates the sanction on the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen and sends the Adverse Action (FA-510) notice. If the participant does not comply by the expiration of the adverse action, FAMIS removes the non-complying EU member from the benefits or closes the case if a one person EU.

Refer to 1105.025.50 Resolving Noncompliance With Work Registration if the non-complying EU member meets a work registration exemption or exclusion, has good cause, or complies while in conciliation or adverse action.