1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.098.10 Consent for Release of Information

IM-118 August 2, 2000

The Social Security Administration requires consent for release of information from each individual (other than the individual signing the application) for whom quarters are being requested before IIVE can be accessed requesting the parent’s/spouse’s qualifying quarters history.  This consent is required even if the parent/spouse is in the same EU as the immigrant for whom quarters of coverage is being established.

IMPORTANT: If someone refuses to cooperate and will not complete the consent form, you cannot use IIVE to obtain the qualifying quarters history.

When someone refuses or cannot be located (after reasonable efforts are made to contact) to authorize release of information for QQ history, use Form SSA-513 REQUEST FOR QUARTERS OF COVERAGE (QC) HISTORY BASED ON RELATIONSHIP to request this information from the Social Security Administration.  In these instances only the pertinent quarters (quarters that might be used) can be disclosed to you.  The form and instructions for completion are located at the end of these instructions and can be duplicated as needed if supplies are not available in your office.