1115.020.00 Determining Income

1115.020.05.05 Actual Income

IM-41 April 14, 2021; IM-50 August 8, 2018 IM-27 May 1, 2014IM-13  February 7, 2002

Actual income is budgeted in a month which contains a pay period of no or zero income and when income starts or stops during the month. This may also occur when the person is off work or on leave without pay for any part of the month.

  • For an application, budget income which will not continue as actual income for the month of receipt.

EXAMPLE: An individual applies June 14th. The applicant was terminated from employment June 13th. The applicant received two paychecks in June; one June 7th for $150 and one June 14th for $120. Budget $270 income for June.

  • For income which starts while an application is pending, budget actual income in the month in which the income starts. Project income for the following months.

EXAMPLE: An individual applies June 7th and is correctly screened as non-expedited. On June 14th, the applicant begins receiving stable earned income of $75 per week.  The applicant will receive two checks in June. Budget actual income received for June.  Project stable income of $75 per week x 4.333 for July and later months.

  • Use actual income when a change in income occurs in the month of application.

EXAMPLE:  An individual applies for SNAP March 26th.  The individual is paid bi-weekly and normally works 80 hours per pay period at $12 per hour.  Due to unforeseen circumstances the individual’s rate of pay was decreased to $11.00 per hour. The following paychecks were provided:  February 19th for $960 ($12/hr x 80 hrs), March 5th for $960 ($12/hr x 80 hrs) and March 19th for $880 ($11/hr x 80 hrs).  Use actual budget for March to budget paychecks from March 5th and 19th. 

  • Use actual income in a month in which an entire pay period is missed but the employment situation remains unchanged.

EXAMPLE:  An individual applies June 21st. The applicant is paid weekly. She missed an entire week of work and received no pay the week of June 21st.  Earnings for the month of June (four potential paydays) are as follows: 6th – 7th ( $115.00), 6th – 14th ($105.00), 6th – 21st ($0.00), 6-28 ($95.00). Budget $315.00 income for June. Determine with the applicant the income to project for July and later months.