1115.035.00 Income Deductions

1115.035.15.20 Payment Plans

IM-55 September 13, 2011; IM-90 August 24, 2005

Budget an allowable expense as long as a payment plan was made or loan applied for by the due date of the original billing. (Refer to example below.) Otherwise, consider the expense past due and do not budget it. A bill is considered past due either as indicated on the bill, or, as a general rule, 30 days after the billing date, or 30 days after the date of TPL reimbursement. (Past due is the date the payment is overdue to the provider.)

EXAMPLE: Ms. Z. incurred an expense of $1000. The original bill is received on 5/1. By 5/30, the EU has arranged with the hospital to pay $100 each month from June through March. The $100 is entered on the Medical Expense screen. FAMIS excludes the first $35 each month as a deduction for the next ten months allowing Ms. Z the $200 medical expense standard. If the EU is certified beyond March, set a reminder to remove the medical expense and run a new eligibility determination for the month of April through the remainder of the certification.